Done. Your Sustainability profile you can now use.


Perfect, you have now created your sustainability profile. Only YOU and the persons or institutions to whom you want to give your information will receive the information and content of your profile. For example, financial advisors, if you want holistic advice tailored to your person and situation. Or if you wish to take out a custody account, after you have approved it, your details will be used to fill in the corresponding application documents. In other words, only when you specify it. You remain the "master of the data".

  • If you register for the app here, your personal profile will be integrated there when you use the app.
  • If you click here, you can identify another of the 4 profiles for you.     
  • If you click here, you can use your profiles to invest in your securities account. You can either integrate them into your existing securities account or open a new one.

What do I achieve with my sustainability profile

Solution approaches:

1. individual deposit

You open a custody account or take your existing custody account, take your sustainability profile to the bank or to the advisor and buy individual securities or funds that correspond exactly to your profile. This is certainly the most accurate way to reflect your sustainable interests. Your risk is probably greatest with this option, because your portfolio is primarily oriented towards your emotional ideas of sustainability, which may result in so-called cluster risks due to the concentration. You can avoid this by employing a "professional" to determine these risks according to your personal risk profile in an individual portfolio.

Manage asset management.

2. individual asset management

An asset manager deals with the management of your investments and risks. This is a good solution if your asset manager has excellent references in terms of investment management and responsibility. Of course, you have to pay for this service and therefore a certain minimum amount is often required. If others besides you have similar interests and they are also looking for a simple good solution to achieve double performance, asset management funds make a lot of sense for you.

3. naturAlly Asset Management Funds

naturAlly funds offer you a simple, sustainable and successful investment opportunity, adjusted to your risk profile. By pooling investors in a fund, which quasi takes over the task of the asset manager for the sensible distribution of your money, you also enjoy more favourable purchasing conditions for the values contained in the fund, as these are purchased at institutional conditions. This directly reduces the total costs.

Of course, the fund also charges its fees, but these are reduced at least to a considerable extent by the lower fees of the institutional classes. Your individual sustainability goals are taken into account democratically. This means that the sum of the sustainability goals of all investors leads to the composition of the fund volume. However, there is a special right of the fund management to apply classic portfolio management rules, which in turn protect you from being invested one-sidedly or emotionally.

Technical implementation of the sustainability profiles at naturAlly

Each sustainability profile submitted to naturAlly is added to all existing profiles, regardless of investment amounts. This means that the vote of a €50 fund saver is counted the same as a fund account with €100,000. So everyone counts! However, only profiles that are max. one year old are integrated. The profile should therefore be checked at least once a year in order to assert your influence in the long term. The update is also intended to reflect possible changes with regard to classifications and perceptions of sustainability that are in flux. The sum of all sustainability profiles determined in this way is made available to the fund management by naturAlly as an additional recommendation after the end of each month. Fund management adjusts and "composes

The risks and correlations of the individual instruments to each other, taking into account the prospects of success as well as the sustainability profiles, are then combined to form a coherent overall portfolio.


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